Charles H. Davis, an ardent devotee of the game of golf, purchased the Sutherland-Benjamin farm on Gratiot Rd. On October 11, 1898, Mr. Davis began his plan for building a nine hole course that was later referred to as the “old course.”

The season opened with the Country Club composed of over 100 members and offering its members nine holes of golf, tennis, croquet, shooting traps, and a race track.

The second nine, which was called the “new course” was formally opened in May of 1912, making Saginaw Country Club one of the few 18 hole golf courses in Michigan.

Saginaw Country Club hosted the very first State Golf Tournament.

Golf greats Ben Hogan, Jimmy Demaret, Don Soper, and Byron Nelson played an exhibition match at Saginaw Country Club. Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson both shot a course record 64 that day!

The new clubhouse was dedicated on April 24, 1969 and shortly thereafter the first phase of the golf course remodeling was completed. Remodeling of holes 6 and 7, the rebuilding of holes 5, 8 and 9, and a new putting green took place.

The continuing tree planting program brought over 500 new plantings to the golf course. The enlarging and reshaping of the 7th green as well as beautification of the tee area was completed.

Jerry Matthews, a golf course architect, recommended improvements be made on holes 13, 14, 15, and 16. The Board authorized the relocation of the 13th green, the extension of 10 yards to the tee on 14, and a new green for 15 which made it longer and now plays as a dog-leg left.

A new club event was introduced with Bay City Country Club. The “Cup Matches” are now an exciting annual event that is very similar to the “Ryder Cup Matches” played on the PGA Tour.

Soft spikes were introduced at the Saginaw Country Cub on a trial basis at the Invitational. After a warm reception from the members and guests the mandatory soft spike policy was put into place.

Saginaw Country Club celebrates its 100th Year Anniversary!